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Question 1
If twice the age of the son is added to the age of the father the sum is 56. But, if twice the age of the father is added to the age of the son the sum is 82. Find the age of the son and the age of the father.

Posted on 2020-04-02 09:30:52 by:
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2020-04-02 11:20:11
Let x be the age of the son and y be the age of the father. Then 2x+y=56 and x+2y=82. We solve simultaneously the two equations: {2x+y=56,x+2y=82}. From first equation y=56-2x. Putting this into equation 2 gives: x+2(56-2x)=82 or x+112-4x=82 or -3x=-30 or x=10. Then y=56-20=36. Thus, the son is 10 years old and father is 36 years old.
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